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"Magic Happens The Adventure Begins!"

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Universe and characters created by Rae Jean Ferreri
Written by Rae Jean Ferreri, Tim Lawless and Greg Schleich
2012 © Bella Bambolina LLC
Bella Bambolina TM

Join Princess Gianna, Sophia, the artist, Francesca, the writer, Mia the scientist, Tanya the historian, and all the other talented and unforgettable Bella characters, as they must now put their heads together. Be a part of the Bella Team as they learn and grow. Come with them as their quest to solve puzzles and great mysteries takes them on exciting and sometimes funny adventures, and leads them to many surprises and unexpected places.

Narrated with Music 

It has always been a happy and carefree place where young Bellas like Princess Gianna and her friends could go down to the docks to go fishing or to watch the Bella fishing Boats come in.  For just one Bella Coin they could have almost any snack they want - like “all the crab you can eat” at the La Tutti Crab, or they could just take a walk on the beach and pick slices off the Bella Bella Pizza trees anytime they want! What could be better than that? 

But as our story begins, something very strange has happened on Bella Bella, and the young Bellas will soon face great challenges. Somehow, the Queen and all of the island’s Elders have mysteriously disappeared. Now it’s up to the young Bellas to fend for themselves, to find the missing elders and the queen, and to work as a team to unlock the secrets to the island’s magic.

Hidden in a secret world, known only to a lucky few, is a place like no other - an enchanted island with a grand castle and a royal family loved by all, where wonderful and fantastic things happen every day. It is true, only the queen has the power to unlock the island’s greatest secrets – like how to make it disappear! -  But it is a place that is magical for all.

Bella Bella has always been a very special island, an island of ocean views and beautiful, exotic flowers, a thriving, bustling place where streets lined with colorful shops are filled with “Bellas” (as the islanders are called), coming and going. It is a place where Bella merchants sell everything from handmade clothing and artwork to delicious homemade chocolates, and where parades, concerts, and dances happen all the time in Bella Square.

Here is where our story begins. What almost no one knows is that the mysterious Blink Island is really something else. It is the island of Bella Bella!   

The Legend of Bella Bella

 For as long as anyone can remember, stories have been told about a strange and mysterious island somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. It is said that this island can appear and disappear like magic. One moment it’s there, and the next moment it’s gone!
Many years ago the English fishing vessel, the “Clam-a-board” was said to have been the first to come across it. As the story goes, the ship’s lookout shouted “Land ho! Captain, there’s an island ahead!” But before he could finish his sentence, the island suddenly vanished. The Captain, trusting his lookout, gave the order to drop anchor, and the crew waited and watched to see if the island would reappear. It seemed like hours had passed when another call was heard from atop the mast, “There it is! There it is! Over there!” This time everyone got a glimpse of the mysterious island, but then in a flash it was gone again. With that, the frightened crew raised the anchor and sailed away as quickly as they could, never to return.

That is how the legend began. To this day, there are many who still doubt that the island exists, but since that time, long ago, there have been countless stories of sailors who claim to have seen it. The now legendary island has come to be known as “Blink Island,” because it can appear and then disappear, all in the blink of an eye.