Book TWO of the series

"Quest for the Lost Book!"PART ONE

When Bambolina and Gianna discover that the legendary ‘Book of the Elders’ has somehow gone missing, they consult the Magic Wand. After some big shocks and surprises, including a completely unexpected encounter, the Bellas, soon find themselves on an exciting adventure as they must travel to a strange and faraway place in search of the Lost Book

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BOOKS- Bella Bambolina Adventure Series

Welcome Benvenuto!

Sing along with Bambolina and the Bellas as they sing the Bella Bella Welcome song!

Book ONE of the series

"Magic Happens the Adventure Begins!"

One night when the moon full destiny meets magic and Bambolina finds herself on a fantastic adventure!




"Quest for the Lost Book!"PART TWO

Capitano Baccala "That's a Me!"

Sing along with Baccala and his crew as they sail the high seas!

Perfect World

Listen as Bambolina sings a beautiful song of what she wishes for...