Birthday May 26

Hi I’m Francesca! I enjoy making new friends and I find people very interesting. I’m always coming up with a joke or a funny story to tell you to make you laugh. I love to talk, and sometimes I talk so fast, some say it’s hard to understand me!
I always have a notepad and pencil with me because I love to write, and hey, you never know when you’ll come across a good story! I have so much fun expressing myself writing short stories, poems and articles for the Stella Bella Newspaper.

Fun Facts: I’m left handed. I love to collect seashells. I often wear two different colored earrings! I love fun eyeglasses. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is pineapple.

For Fun: I enjoy playing softball with Mia and I love to go fishing off the Bella Bella dock. Can you catch all the Bella Bella Fish? Find out now


Birthday February 4

Hi my name is Tanya! I have a lot of friends and I make friends easily. Some say I seem to know what’s going to happen before it does! It's called intuition. That’s when you get a feeling about something. One thing I love and can't get enough of is learning about history. I spend quite a bit of time reading and learning all about the history of Bella Bella and the world. Someday I hope to travel to faraway lands.

Fun Facts: I’m left handed. I love shoes! My favorite snack is vanilla ice cream. My favorite color is green.

For Fun: I love playing and listening to music and my favorite instrument is the violin. I love to play sports. I love to look for buried jewels and treasures on Bella Bella Island. You can too.


Birthday August 18

Hi, I'm Emilio! I'm one of the super friendly magical cats that live on Bella Bella Island. We’re nothing like the normal house cats you’re used to. We're much, much larger -- the perfect size to give the Bellas a magical ride on our backs!

To find out more about me read, Bella Bambolina's, "Magic Happens The Adventure Begins!"

Hey! Want me to give you a ride? CLICK HERE  Emilio’s Flying Adventure!

For Fun:  I like to chase my tail!  Playing with a small ball is so much fun. I like to go for walks with my cat friend Umberto.  I love to curl up and cuddle with one of the Bellas!  


Birthday April 18

Hi I’m Mia! I love books and love to read. I like challenges, and I’m always trying to solve a math or science problem. My friends are always amazed at how many books I have in my room. They’re also fascinated with my microscope and lab equipment. I’m always experimenting - of course safely! I’m very curious and I hope someday to be an inventor.

Fun Facts: I’m very talkative and some say I have an excellent memory. But watch out, I'm known to faint without warning! My favorite color is orange. My favorite food is spaghetti. I find bugs fascinating!

For Fun: I love playing the guitar. Puzzles are my favorite pastime and I also have fun practicing gymnastics. Come visit me at my house on Bella Bella Island and play a fun game with me!


Birthday March 11

Hi I’m Sophia! People say I have a big smile. When I first meet you I’m a little shy and quiet, but once I get to know you I will talk and talk!

I love to draw. One of my favorite pastimes is to go on nature walks and take my sketch book along. I love drawing the trees, butterflies, and all the beautiful Bella Bella birds. There are dozens of birds on Bella Bella Island and some are very rare and hard to find. I’m always looking for them on my nature walks! You can find all the Bella birds on Bella Bella Island

Fun Facts: Hats are my favorite thing to wear. When I get real nervous my lip trembles! I eat an apple a day. My favorite color is red.

For Fun: I love to read and love to dance. I like to sing in the shower! I love animals and I often visit the Bella Bella Zoo. You can too!

Princess Gianna
Birthday October 15

Hi, I’m Princess Gianna! They call me the ‘Go to Girl’ because I’m good at solving problems. People tell me I’m a natural leader. Being born of Bella Bella Royalty, I know many of the secrets of Bella Bella Island. I had to promise the Elders I wouldn’t tell anyone any of the secrets except one person. You’ll have to read, Bella Bambolina “Magic Happens The Adventure Begins!” to find out who that is!

Fun Facts:   I like to dance when no one is looking! Staying up late is my favorite.  I love cats and dogs.  Colorful beaded jewelry is my favorite thing to wear.  My favorite food is pasta and meatballs.  Pink is my favorite color.  

For Fun: I love to play the piano and sing. I’m always practicing!  When I can, I go swimming in the crystal clear blue waters of Bella Bella!  I have so much fun in the kitchen baking cakes and cupcakes. Come bake cupcakes with me on Bella Bella Island at the cupcake factory!

Bella Bambolina

Birthday July 21

Hi, I’m Bella Bambolina. I’m from a little village on the coast of southern Italy called Una Una. My past is very mysterious. No one really knows where I was born or where I came from. But I was very lucky, because when I was just a baby I was found and adopted by kind and loving parents.

My parents were very poor, but they had a small farm with animals I loved to care for. I got along great with the animals, especially Pinky the Pig!

I’m much smaller than the other children my age, and often the children would all pick on me because I was so small and so poor. I could never understand why they were so mean, but I tried not to let it bother me.

But then one night something magical happened and suddenly I found myself in a whole new world!  You’ll have to read my first storybook, Bella Bambolina “Magic Happens The Adventure Begins!” to find out more....

Fun Facts:  I can speak more than one language and I can write with both hands. I’m pretty good at word games. At night I secretly count the stars in the sky. Bananas are my favorite snack and I love pizza. My favorite color is purple.

For Fun:  I like to go biking. I love to read and I often dream of faraway lands. Playing with animals is my favorite thing to do!